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So you think you've got what it takes

 Once upon a time, writers used quill and scroll to compose by candlelight. Later, there appeared the typewriter which made things a little easier but if you made a mistake; you either had to start over, or use lots of whiteout! There were also dedicated Word Processing Typewriters which had small monitors that helped with editing. Now, we can create masterpieces using our desktop computers, laptop, or even tablets! The finished product is crisp, error free (if we used spell or grammar check) and can be sent to our publisher without ever leaving home!

It takes a special type of person to become a writer. An individual who lets his/her imagination soar and is not limited by physical planes. An artist looks at a sunset and by taking brush in hand creates a work of art. The same can be said regarding a writer. We however, instead of a canvas and paints, use our computers and our imagination to create a work of art in words! The colors are just as vivid and the rendering is no less spectacular. We both have created masterpieces!

Why not fulfill your dreams of visiting exotic places and living exceptional lives through the avenue of Creative Writing! If you're that special type of person; then you owe it to yourself!