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Here's Where It All Starts


Lesson 1: Creative Writing Fundamentals

If you don't know the fundamental elements of creative writing … this is an excellent place to start your journey!

Lesson 1: Creative Writing Fundamentals (Visual)

If you are more of a visual person, then you can still learn the basic elements of creative writing with the aid of a PowerPoint Presentation!

Lesson 2: Actual Writing Lessons

If you already are aware of the fundamentals of writing and just want to dive in; then this is the place to start. Here you will do your actual writing using interesting topics and prompts to motivate you!

Lesson 3: Writing the Short Story

Here is where you begin to flex your writing muscles by first learning the elements of what makes a good short story and then start creating your own. This will be on a written format.

Lesson 3: Writing the Short Story (Visual)

Again, if you prefer a more visual training, then the same information you can acquire in the above module is available as a PowerPoint Presentation. Same information with pictures added.

Lesson 4: Ready for the Novella or Novel

Now that you have learned the fundamentals of writing, you've written a couple of short stories; you're ready to "play with the big boys." You are ready to write your first novella or novel. In this lesson you'll learn the difference between the two and be well on your way to STARDOM!